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Five Advantages to Purchasing Used CNC Machinery

Posted by Mike Denny on Sep 24, 2019 5:04:17 PM

Before beginning the search for your company’s next piece of CNC Machinery, it’s important to prioritize your machining needs. Assessing what you value most in a machinery purchase is critical to purchase satisfaction. One of the first decisions you may come up against is whether to buy new or used CNC machinery. These five advantages to buying used machinery will help guide you as you decide whether used machinery is an option for you.

1)   More cost-efficient

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of used machinery is the price. Whether you purchase used machinery for a fixed price or are looking to find deals at an auction, it will likely be cheaper than buying a new machine.

2)  Depreciation

No doubt about it - new machines are beautiful, but they lose value quickly. Similar to how new cars drop in value the moment they are driven off the lot, the value of a new machine drops sharply after even a few operations. The advantage of used machinery is that it has already sustained the inevitable initial depreciation. This makes the going forward value of used machinery more stable.

3)  Quality

Quality can be one of the biggest concerns when considering buying used machinery, but it doesn’t need to be. Taking care to select a reputable used machinery dealer is a critical to success. Reputable dealers will carefully select machine inventory for resale based on thorough inspections and a deep knowledge of the machining industry.

4)  Reliability

It may seem counter-intuitive that a used machine can be more reliable than a new one. However, reputable brokers can connect buyers and sellers - identifying machines that are reliable and suit your needs best. Items to request include a seller history and a maintenance record. While not always available, these documents can help give context to the background of the machine you are considering.

5)  Financing

There tend to be more options available for financing a used machine from a dealer. Many leading companies don't trust private sellers to accurately value their own machines. So going through a reputable used dealer, many of whom have partnered with financing companies, is a great choice.


These five criteria will assist you when evaluating your own needs in a potential machinery purchase. You might have noticed that finding a reputable dealer is a through-line in making a successful used machinery purchase. Machinery Marketing International is one such dealer. You can check out their current inventory here.

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