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Doosan and the Puma Turning Center - Part II

Posted by Anne Winslow on Mar 3, 2015 1:42:00 PM
Between 2007-2010, Doosan Machine Tools redesigned the Puma turning center and worked to increase the quality and reliability of their products across business units. The previous post discussed Doosan's efforts to build a versatile machine that would appeal to a broad section of the machine tools market. In addition, Doosan wanted to increase sales of high-value machines to select industries. The 600/700/800 series was designed for large scale precision turning and milling.

A turning center for the largest parts

The horizontal lathes discussed so far - the 2100, 2600, and 3100 - are designed to be versatile machines that can be used for a wide variety of applications. Some industries require highly specialized equipment, however. Oil and gas drillers, aircraft manufacturers, and ship builders are among those who need massive parts turned with ultra-high precision. In 2011, the revamped Puma 600/700/800 series targeted these consumers.


At roughly the size of a city bus, the Doosan Puma 600 XLY 5050 is not something you see in every machine shop. The combined turning and milling machine can accommodate 5-meter parts up to 30-inches in diameter, and is often described as an oil field or oil country lathe due to its popularity among machine shops serving the energy industry. The addition of the full Y-axis sets the series apart from most competitors. Doosan also increased the bed ways span by 20 percent, improved rigidity overall, and added a high-res rotary scale for precision positioning control on the C axis. A 3-step gear spindle provides maximum torque for heavy cutting.


Marketing materials for the Puma 600/700/800 point out that it does the work of two machines by combining the functions of a turning center and a horizontal machining center. While this dual category may help curtail the sticker shock associated with buying a new machine of this size, it is a loaded model with many options that is likely to be a staple investment for manufacturing end users. Many machine shops in the oil industry buy used CNC machinery to save money on equipment, and the 2012 Puma 600 XLY available on proves that even the latest, most feature-packed models occasionally come on the market at a more affordable price.


MMI Auction is now featuring several additional excellent quality, used Doosan Puma CNC turning and milling centers in a private sale: the Doosan Puma 2600Y and 3100Y, Doosan Puma 280M, and Doosan Puma V550M. All are almost new with very low hours. Request a quote on any of these machines through our website, or contact us directly using the button below.



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