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Job Growth in Manufacturing Continues to Skyrocket

Posted by J. Quentin Murray on Aug 6, 2018 5:43:29 PM
J. Quentin Murray
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Ever since taking a massive plunge during the late 2000's in the wake of the Great Recession, manufacturing jobs have been making a slow and steady recovery. According to recent reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that recovery has been ramping up greatly over the last year, peaking at 36,000 jobs created last month alone! The current job total sits at 12.7 million, up nearly 300,000 since last year, and within less than a million of the total number of workers 10 years ago, before the precipitous drop in employment.

Manufacturing Employment Chart by the Bureau of Labor StatisticsLeading the charge in this groundswell of job creation is transportation (up 12,500), following a huge wave of hiring in automotive parts manufacturing. Other major contributors include fabricated metal products (up 10,000), and computer and electronics(up 5,100).

The manufacturing industry’s continued success hasn’t just translated to new jobs though—salaries are rising as well! A recent report from ThomasNet also noted that employee earnings are up across the board, with the average non-supervisory manufacturing worker making $902 per week in June, a 3% increase over last June, and significantly above the $752 per week the average US worker makes.

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