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Free Guide: How To Sell Used CNC Machines and Equipment

Posted by J. Quentin Murray on Aug 9, 2017 2:49:35 PM
J. Quentin Murray
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So you're going to sell your used CNC equipment, and you want to maximize the ease—and profits—of doing so. Maybe you're a new hobbyist, looking to trade your first lathe in for something a little more powerful. Or maybe you're an experienced shop owner, tired of listing your machines on Craigslist, waiting weeks for responses and ending up with wasted time and less money than you wanted. Whatever your case, this comprehensive guide has you covered, with everything you need to know about selling CNC machines. So click the button below to download, or read a brief excerpt below the break.

 Download "Selling CNC Machines"

On models that you haven’t been using and maintaining as regularly, you’re going to want to be a little more thorough. Clean it up, run it a few times, perform basic maintenance. Check the hydraulic pressure, chuck pressure, lube level, cooling system, etc., make sure it hasn’t fallen to shambles from disuse.


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