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Free Guide: 14 Tips for Buying a Used CNC Lathe

Posted by Anne Winslow on Feb 9, 2015 12:46:00 PM

Making the Most of Your Next Lathe Purchase

Machinery buyers can stretch resources by purchasing a used CNC lathe instead of a new model, and our new guide can help you buy with confidence. You will learn basic inspections that anyone can perform, questions to ask the seller, and considerations that may impact the price you are willing to pay. 

To download your free copy, click the image below and answer 3 short questions on the following page. 

If you have any trouble downloading the guide, please email us at so we can send your free copy! 

Read a brief excerpt below the break.




Excerpt from 14 Tips for Buying a Used CNC Lathe:

Inspections: Axes
All axes should move freely with smooth transitions and minimal oscillation after stopping. Listen for any unusual whine or buzz from the servo motors. Run a full stroke on each axis (in rapid mode, if available), listening for any indication of bad bearings or ball screws. 
If the lathe has an open configuration, you can do a basic check of the angles between each axis using a hand held laser square. Depending on the cost of the machine and the type of work you will be doing on the lathe, you may wish to invest in advanced testing for accuracy, precision positioning, repeatability and backlash.


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