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What You Should Know When Buying Used CNC Machines

Posted by Michelle Chiodo on Jan 6, 2014 11:44:00 AM
Michelle Chiodo

Whether you are looking to replace/upgrade your CNC equipment or are expanding production now or down the road, you may soon find yourself in the research stage for CNC machines. What type of machine does your production require? Which brands do you prefer? Are you looking for new or used? These questions will ultimately determine your final purchase, so answering them early on will refine your search quickly.


One question many organizations consider immediately is whether to buy new or used equipment. Did you know you can find an excellent quality used machine that can produce high-quality parts, without spending excessively?  Before investing your company’s valuable dollars on a used machine, it's best to consider a variety of factors to help assess the machine’s value to your company and overall bottom line.

We put together 10 questions that will help you assess a CNC machine’s value and usefulness to your business while you are looking to buy used machinery: Download our free eGuide by clicking the link below.

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