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The History of Haas Machines

Posted by Michelle Chiodo on Aug 19, 2014 4:05:00 PM
Michelle Chiodo

Company Profile: Haas

Here at Machinery Marketing International, we have big respect for Haas. As one of the top machine tools manufacturers in the world, they produce some of our favorite work pieces – from the smallest Haas mini mills and lathes to the gargantuan VF-12 vertical machining center.


A Bit of History

Haas was founded in 1983, but didn’t develop its first vertical machining center until 1987. Called the VF-1, it was introduced into the market at prices comparable to overseas companies – something many were initially skeptical about. The Haas VF-1 is still on the market today, and still comes at a price under $50,000.


Haas VF7 Vertical Machining Center Haas SL20T Lathe

Example of Haas Vertical Machining Center:
2003 VF-7/50 Model

Example of Haas Lathe:
2006 SL20-T Model


Although Haas started with limited local distribution in Southern California, the company eventually expanded into U.S., Canadian and British markets. Its first overseas markets were Denmark, Holland, and Israel, and in 1993, Haas entered a partnership with Swiss machine tool builder Mikron, providing additional distribution to the European market.

In 1997, Haas moved to its current purpose-built, 1 million-plus square foot facilities in Oxnard, California. Haas distributes worldwide through its network of Haas Factory Outlets. Still one of the largest machine tool manufacturers in the world, Haas produces a variety of machining systems, including CNC lathes, CNC vertical machining centers, CNC horizontal machining centers, rotaries tables, and indexers. If you're debating whether to purchase Haas for your next machine, check out some of the reasons why Haas beats out competitors as a CNC manufacturer.


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