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Fadal 4020 - Vertical Machine Center

Posted by Bing Xu on Mar 14, 2016 3:24:36 PM

This large, sturdy vertical cutting machine is available at an unbeatable price. Equipped with Fadal 88HS control, immediate term of delievery and 10,000 RPM Spindle Speed.





Fadal 4020 - Vertical Machine Center



High Material Removed Rates

This large, sturdy vertical cutting machine is available at an unbeatable price. Equipped with Fadal 88HS control, immediate term of delievery and 10,000 RPM Spindle Speed.

Revolutionary Non-metallic Liners

The box ways are hardened, ground and utilize non-metallic liners that are virtually friction-free on all way and gibs surfaces to ensure vibration-free cutting for consistently closer tolerances.

Excellent Positioning Accuracy and Repeatability

Fadal 4020 excels in high speed and accuracy with accuracy positioning - JIS B6338 (in.) 0.0002 and accuracy repeatabililty - JIS B6338 (in.) 0.0001.

Reduced Part Cycle Times

Rapid Feed Rate XYZ 400″/min makes Fadal Vertical Machine Center more productive.

Table Size:48″ x 20″

Floor to Table Surface: 31″

Rapid Feed Rate XYZ: 400″/min

Weight on Table: 1,500 lbs

Axis Drive Motor: 1,800 lbs thrust

X-Axis Travel: 40″

Y-Axis Travel: 20″

Z-Axis Travel: 20″

Main Motor: 15 HP

Spindle Speed: 10,000 RPM

Tools: 21 ATC, CAT 40

Overall Dimensions: 116 x 87 x 104″H

Approximate Weight: 11,000 Lbs

Equipped With:

CAT 40, 422K Expanded Memory, High Speed CPU, Graphics, Rigid Tapping, Tool Load Compensation, Manuals


Great Price Prior To Removal

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