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Used CNC Machines For Sale at MMI - Auction Ends August 21st:

Posted by admin on Aug 6, 2013 9:00:01 AM


MMI's current auction, ending August 21st, features many high-quality CNC and Manual machines, including lathes, mills, plasma cutters and turret punches by Haas, Amada, Hyundai Kia, Niigata, Fryer & more...

CNC Lathes - Vertical Milling Machines - CNC Milling Machines - Plasma Cutters - Press Brakes - Turret Punches - Vertical Plate Band Saw & more!

Haas HS-1RP 2000:

This 2000 Haas HS-1RP with Haas control is another CNC milling machine featured in our current auction ending August 21st, and is a popular item for many reasons. This CNC milling machine's value has increased recently due to the newer 2012 spindle. It has 24 ATC tool changer positions,  7500 RPM, CAT 40, and 20 HP. This high-quality Haas HS-1RP comes equipped with brushless servos, rigid tapping, 4th axis rotary pallets, coordinate scaling, and much more. To see this machine in auction, watch our YouTube video. Learn more about this invaluable CNC milling machine. Go to for additional photos and specs.

Amada Vipros 357 1992:

This 1992 Amada Vipros is a high-quality turret punch with an Amada 04PC control. This CNC turret punch is in mint working condition and would be an asset to your company. The Amada Vipros 357 has a 250” maximum sheet thickness, 1.57” stroke length, and produces 200 strokes per minute. Additionally, it comes equipped with auto indexing and more than 20 punches and dies in the tool cabinet in addition to tools in the 44 station turret. For detailed machine specifications and photos go to

Niigata SPN-50

Niigata SPN-50 Horizontal Machining Center This 1996 Niigata SPN-50 horizontal machining center comes equipped with a Fanuc 16M control and a full 4th axis. Its tool changer was completely rebuilt in 2012, and it comes with 48 offsets and all available manuals. Additionally, it has 22,644 hours of cutting time, only cutting aluminum. XYZ travels are 29.5" x 29.5" x 29.5." With CAT 50, 60 ATC and 12,000 RPM, this machine is available for purchase now or in auction at

Hyundai Kia SKT 21 LMS 2007:

This 2007 Hyundai Kia SKT 21 LMS is a high-quality CNC lathe with a Fanuc OiT-C control. This used CNC lathe is in great working condition, which you can see for yourself by watching our YouTube video! The Hyundai Kia SKT 21 LMS has a 2.56” bar capacity, and 4,000 RPM mill tool speed. Additionally, this invaluable CNC lathes comes equipped with a 12 station VDI 4 live tool turret, 5 HP tool Q setter, 2.5” bar capacity (main), 1.25” bar capacity (sub), automatic parts catcher and much more. For machine specifications, photos, and videos go to for photos and detailed specs.

Amada VM 3800 1993:

This 1993 Amada VM 3800 is a vertical plate band saw that is also in mint condition. This good as new CNC machine comes with a 10 HP blade motor, 2 HP hydraulic pump motor, and 1 HP table feed motor. Additionally, it has a 31.5” throat cutting capacity, 12” height cutting capacity, and 150” length cutting capacity. This machine will save you time and money with its precision work, and is available in our current auction. To learn more about this high-quality vertical plate band saw go to for photos and detailed specs.

Amada HFB-8025 1997:

This 1997 Amada HFB-8025 CNC press brake is a high-quality machine that is in great condition. This CNC press brake has a Operateur CNC control, and a 8’5” bed length. Additionally, this Amada HFB-8025 comes equipped with upper punch holders, lower die holders, electric foot switch and more. To learn more about this CNC lathe go to for photos and detailed specs.

Komatsu TFP6084 2004 (#1):

This 2004 Komatsu TFP6084 with Fanuc 18M control is a high-quality CNC plasma cutting machine that is available for sale in our current auction. This Komatsu is in great condition and has a 98.42”x40.35” cutting area, and a 42.65”x102.38”x8.6” X,Y,Z stroke. Additionally, its has a 1.41” maximum thickness and 60 Kw of output power. To learn more about this high-quality plasma cutting machine go to for photos and detailed specs.

Viper Pro 950 AP 2005:

This 2005 Viper Pro 950 AP with Fanuc OiMc control is a high-quality vertical milling machine. This invaluable machine is in great condition, and has a spindle that was rebuilt in 2012! This CNC vertical milling machine has a 45.58”x23.62” table, and 39.37”x23.62”x24.8” travels. Additionally, this Viper Pro 950 AP has 10,000 RPM, BT 40, and a 24 arm type tool changer. To learn more about this revamped CNC machine, go to to view additional photos and details.

Fryer MB10 2004:

This 2004 Fryer MB10 is a high-quality CNC milling machine with an Anilam 3000 Touch control. It has 220 volts of power, 30 amps, and 32”x17”x19” travels. This CNC milling machine is practically unused with its low hours (around 400) and immaculate condition. This priceless Fryer MB10 also comes equipped with the manuals! Go to for more details and photos, and see our YouTube video to see how this machine works. While you’re there, you can place a bid on this invaluable CNC milling machine.

Okuma Cadet LNC 8 1992:

This 1992 Okuma Cadet LNC 8 with OSP 5020L control is a high-quality CNC lathe that is in great working condition. This CNC lathe has a 15.75” maximum swing, 2” spindle bore, and 3.94” spindle diameter. Additionally, this invaluable machine comes equipped with a 12 station turret, tailstock, chuck, and much more! For machine specifications and photos go to, where you can place your bid.

Hitachi Seiki TF25 1992:

This 1992 Hitachi Seiki TF25 is a high-quality CNC lathe that comes with a Seikos A 10L control. The CNC lathe has an A2-8 spindle nose, 10 ATC, and 4,000 RPM. Additionally, it has a 24” maximum swing, 3” hole through spindle, 10.6” between centers, and comes equipped with a 10 station turret. For machine specifications and photos go to, where you can place your bid.

Mori Seiki TV30 1996:

This 1996 Mori Seiki TV30 is a high-end CNC vertical machining center with an MSC 802M control. It has a 10 station ATC tool changer, 10,000 RPM, and it is valued for its precision work. This CNC vertical machining center has 16.5”x11.8”x9.8” travels and a BT30 spindle taper. Additionally, the Mori Seiki TV30 comes equipped with a pallet changer, coolant system, and chip conveyor. To learn more about this invaluable CNC vertical machining center go to, and place your bid!

Amada Vipros 358 King 1997:

This 1997 Amada Vipros 358 King is another high-quality turret punch available in our current auction. It has an Amada 04 PC control and a maximum sheet thickness of 125”. This Amada will boost your production with its 58 station turret, 220 strokes per minute, and 164”/min feed speed. This invaluable turret lathe also comes equipped with auto indexing, six shelf towers (for loader), and over 20 various punches and dies in the tool cabinet. For detailed machine specifications and photos go to

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Go to and request an inspection report, which will tell you about any upgrades, current defects or repairs. You can also request to see the used CNC machine for sale in person!  For more information on our used CNC machine auction, call MMI at (312) 226-4150 or email

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