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Two High-Quality Used Amada FO 3015 Lasers - For Sale

Posted by admin on Jul 25, 2013 10:58:29 AM


Two high-quality used Amada AMS 3015 Lasers Available Now!

The Amada AMS 3015 Laser Line

The Amada AMS 3015 Laser Line is a modular, build block systems that allows you to start with a two-pallet load/unload and expand to multiple towers and lasers.The Amada AMS 3015 Laser Line is designed to meet the demands placed on manufacturers for small lot sizes, quick turnaround, and lower part costs. The Amada AMS 3015, which is used in conjunction with the FO 3015 laser, helps manufacturers meet these demands by automating material handling, automating setup, and automating the flow of manufacturing information, all of which are designed to help save you time and money! Both machines are verified and running, and we even provide inspection reports and YouTube videos. See below for specific details about both machines!

Amada FO 3015 2002

The 2002 Amada FO 3015 Laser Cutting Machine has a Laser Cutting System and Fanuc AF4000E control. It has a cutting area of 120.87”X x 61.02”Y x 7.87”Z, and has a 4000W maximum output and 5000W pulse peak. This Laser Cutting System comes equipped with a chiller and all of the related components, Amada AMS 3015 Laser Line and all of its components, Amada EZ Cut System, Custom Holding Tank, Safety Fencing, and a Dust Collector. For additional information on this machine check out our auction site or our YouTube video!

Amada FO 3015 NT 2008

The 2008 Amada FO 3015 NT Laser Cutting Machine comes with a NC Unit-AMNC-F (32 bit) Control and Laser Cutting System. It has a 4000W maximum output and 5000W pulse peak. Additionally, it has a cutting area of 120.87”X x 61.02”Y x 7.87”Z, and comes equipped with a Torit ADFO 2-8 Dust Collector and 787 IPM maximum cutting speed. For more information on the 2008 Amada FO 3015 NT Laser Cutting system check out our auction site or our Youtube video!

Want to see more on these used Amada laser cutters? Go to and request an inspection report, which will tell you about any upgrades, current defects or repairs. You can also request to see the used CNC lasers for sale in person! 

For more information on our used Amada laser auction Call MMI at (312) 226-4150 or email!

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